Booking.com offers over 28 million accommodation options worldwide. While working on the Search Results team, I helped to improve the search results page and filtering experience to provide users with an easy and intuitive way to find the perfect accommodation.


Data shows that users are filtering less on mobile and that filtering improves conversion.

Filtering is painful

During a user testing session, 66% of users said that selecting multiple filters is frustrating because the menu closes after each selection. Additionally, 33% had trouble finding the filters they wanted to use.

So how can we optimize the filtering experience to make it easier for users to find the perfect accommodation and increase conversion?


Since we have two problems to solve, we ran separate experiments targeting each friction point.

The design

I used the Booking Design System 'checkbox' component so users can easily scan and find the filters they are looking for.

I changed the page header to compliment that current action the user is performing, creating an easier way to clear selected filters and close the screen.

We also changed the functionality to keep the screen open after each filter selection, allowing the user to seamlessly add multiple filters.


Run both experiments together in a single experiment to solve both user problems.

Opposites attract

After analyzing the data from both experiments, I realized that they offset each other.

  1. Increased filter usage and zero results
  2. Decreased filter usage and zero results

This led me to believe that by combining these two experiments, we would solve the user problem and achieve our outcome of minimizing the filtering effort.

  • Increased conversion by +0.52%
  • Increased filtering by +0.74%
  • Increased users who booked after filtering by 1.66%

Andrew Slifkin
Senior Product Designer

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